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3 Ways to Ring in Prosperity with These New Year's Traditions

No matter where we are in life, we all hope for good luck and prosperity in the new year. You can never have too much luck, and the new year has always traditionally been a time for new beginnings. It’s why we make resolutions around things we want to accomplish or change our lives over the next year.

Regardless of where we are in life, we could all do with a little more prosperity in 2018. That’s because in today’s economy, simply getting by can be tough. There are different tools you can use to push through it: opening a new credit card, cutting back on spending, or taking out auto title loans. Maybe you’ve even tried the suggestions in our winter break saving tips. 

But why not try and avoid these situations all together with a little extra luck in the coming year? Whether you want to call them traditions or superstitions or rituals, all around the world people have very specific beliefs about what will bring them luck and prosperity. Here are 3 of the most common and enduring New Year's traditions from around the globe.

Keep Money on You

Numerous cultures have a tradition that revolves around the financial condition you’re in on the eve of the new year and how it will dictate your fortune in the coming year. That means that if you’re rich on New Year’s Eve, you’ll continue to be prosperous in the future.

This superstition can take a couple forms depending on which country and region you’re looking at. Here in the states, it’s money in your wallet that counts, while in Chile you’re supposed to keep cash in the toe of your shoe. Another variation from Ecuador is to hide money throughout your house.

Put A Ring on It

Another recurring theme among New Year traditions are rings or circle shaped objects. It is believed that the ring shape symbolizes coming full circle. This superstition can take the form of eating ring-like foods light doughnuts, bagels, cakes, carrying coins with you or even wearing polka dots.

Eat the Right Foods

Consuming certain foods to ensure luck is a recurring theme of many New Year traditions, though which foods you’re supposed to eat vary greatly. For example, in the American South, a traditionally lucky meal is black-eyed peas, greens, and cornbread. They represent, in order: coins, green bills, and gold.

Another food tradition is common in Spain, Portugal, and various Latin American countries where you’re supposed to eat one grape for every stroke of the clock at midnight, with the taste of each grape representing your luck in its corresponding month of the year. Watch out for the bitter ones.

Bring in the New Year Right

Do you have any particular traditions that you and your family perform as the new year arrives? This year, why not add a few new ones to your list of fun superstitions? The truth is, we make our own luck, but every little bit helps, right? At least, it can’t hurt.