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4 Ways to Save Money by Celebrating a Belated Valentine's Day

When you’re young, there’s nothing like you’re first real Valentine’s Day: having someone to celebrate it with, exchanging gifts, going out to dinner with them and walking around hand-in-hand afterwards. It’s a beautiful experience.

By your tenth Valentine’s Day, it may seem a little less magical.

It’s one of the reasons more and more people are beginning to celebrate their relationships a few days after Valentine’s Day. There’s nothing inherently relevant about the date Valentine’s Day falls on that is romantic: like all holidays, Valentine’s is just a symbol, and a commercialized one at that.

While on the surface it seems like an odd notion, making the decision to celebrate your relationship a few days after Valentine’s Day comes with several big advantages, especially when it comes to money. Here are 4 ways that celebrating a belated Valentine’s Day can ease the burden on your budget.

Flowers are Cheaper

Flowers are the universal symbol of affection and romance not just on Valentine’s Day, but all year round. But on Valentine’s Day specifically they’re in very high demand, and the stores know it and charge accordingly. Flowers on Valentine’s Day can cost you two to three times the normal retail price.

Instead of buying a bouquet for your significant other on Valentine’s Day, wait a couple days and buy them at their fair market price. You may actually be able to get them even cheaper than any other time of the year because florists and retailers are trying to get rid of any remaining stock before it goes bad.

You Won’t Have to Compete for A Table

Just like with flowers, dining out at basically every restaurant on Valentine’s Day is going to come at a premium price. At nicer, high end restaurants you’ll be lucky to get a table at all without having reserved a spot months in advance, and that’s if you’re willing to pay for their specially priced holiday prix fixe menu.

A couple days after Valentine’s, though? Without the annual surge of Valentine’s Day customers looking to celebrate their love, you and your significant other should be able to be seated with a minimum of fuss and at a much more reasonable price.

Hotels are Less Crowded

If you’re a couple who have children or are just looking to get away for a romantic getaway, then you may have your heart set on booking a hotel room for Valentine’s Day. The problem is, you’re not alone. You know the drill by now: because of the high demand, hotels can charge more on Valentine’s Day than they normally would. By simply holding off for a few days, you should be able to book a premium room without any trouble, and probably for a fraction of the cost.

You Don’t Have to Take Time Off

While not all of us are this devoted to romance, some people feel strongly enough about Valentine’s Day to take a day off work to spend it with their loved one. If you have a job that is part-time or hourly that equates to a day of lost income. Is it really worth paying your bills late or needing a title loan simply to have time off on Valentine’s Day? By simply waiting for the weekend after, you can spend quality time with your sweetheart without taking a financial hit to your paycheck, and who wouldn’t love that?