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Eating These 7 Foods Can Save You Money While Losing Weight

September 7, 2018 | By Daniel Dewitt

There’s almost nothing more essential than food, and you can’t decide to skip it one month in order to cut costs. But if you need to find ways to save money on your food bill, there are ways to pay less and still eat well.

Some Benefits of Eating Healthy:

  • Longer lifespan
  • Higher quality of life
  • More productivity and efficiency
  • Save more money while eating right
  • Clothes fit better and look better on you
  • Fewer sick days, doctor visits, and medical bills
  • Promote activity to keep up with those around you

But what if you want to lose weight and have been told you need to spend more money in order to eat healthy? Well, that simply is not the case. Here are seven ways to save money with your groceries while also managing to drop some pounds.

Beans are a Great Main Protein Source

You might not immediately think of beans as being a main course-worthy food item, but with the right recipe, they can be. Not only do they have a good amount of protein, but a batch of them can be stretched out over several meals. And most importantly, they cost very little money. According to Floridian resident Bonnie Grove, you can buy them for $1 or less per can.

Just by spending 5 minutes looking online for bean-based recipe ideas, you can easily find dozens of healthy and delicious recipes that will have save you money and leave you wanting more.

Consume Half an Avocado Daily

Studies have shown that eating half an avocado each day can increase your levels of good HDL cholesterol. Furthermore, avocados are very inexpensive at certain times of the year, so it’s easy to decrease your spending produce while getting heathy at the same time.

Avocados are a very versatile food and can be used as key ingredients in dishes like guacamole, as a toast spread, in salads and omelets and even on their own with a pinch of sea salt.

Add Spice to Your Life

Did you know that adding spices, salsa, and chili pepper to your dishes has numerous health benefits? These foods are loaded with capsaicin, a naturally occurring chemical compound that make peppers spicy. They also speed up your metabolism and make your food tastier.

Try Water First

Sometimes we think we’re experiencing hunger pangs when we’re really just thirsty. So, the next time you feel a rumble in your belly, try drinking water before reaching for a snack. Not only will this keep you from overeating, but it will also help keep you properly hydrated.

Go Nuts

You probably know how inexpensive certain nuts are. That’s one reason you should pick some up at the supermarket next time you go out. They are loaded with protein and healthy fats, and eating just a handful of these tasty treats for a snack can suppress unhealthy cravings and keep your hunger at bay.

Embrace the Versatility of Oatmeal

Though oatmeal is a long-time breakfast favorite, it can be used in a wide variety of ways, such as in smoothies, cookies, muffins, and overnight oats. For less than $5, you can get a 20-pack of Quaker Oats or for about $2.50, you can get 42 ounces of the generic brand of oatmeal. Filling and loaded with healthy carbs, oatmeal is a staple that should be in everyone’s cabinet.

Tastes Like Chicken

One easy way to save money is to buy an entire chicken, rather than purchasing it segmented. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that the average retail food price of chicken per pound is around $1.50, which is a $3.50 decrease from the previous year. With endless ways to make a meal out of chicken, you can easily feed your family a wide variety of healthy and budget friendly meals.

Good Health and a Healthy Financial Life are Vital

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If creditors are nagging you, you keep on overdrafting, or you don’t know how to cover an unexpected expense, a title loan could be just what you need. In order to achieve a healthy balance in all aspects of your life, starting with the basics is essential, especially when dealing with stress. Minimizing your food costs and focusing on your food choices will invariably reap rewards well beyond the fiscal. By making your health a priority, your finances will naturally fall into place.